A giant iceberg twice the size of Luxembourg has broken off an ice shelf on the Antarctic peninsula and is now adrift in the Weddell Sea.

Reported to be “hanging by a thread” last month, the iceberg was found to have split off from the Larsen C section of the Larsen ice shelf on Wednesday morning after scientists examined the latest satellite data from the area.

Continue reading:  Giant Antarctic iceberg breaks free of Larsen C ice shelf


9 thoughts on “Giant Antarctic iceberg breaks free of Larsen C ice shelf

  1. And naturally this “shelf” is part 3 following Larsen B which followed Larsen A. Comparing satellite imagery over the last 22-years, one can EASILY see that Antarctica — esp the Larsen ice-shelf — looks nothing like it once did. We’re talking about a continent that over merely TWENTY-TWO YEARS is much less recognizable! This begs the obvious question…

    What has changed SO DRASTICALLY in just 20-years to cause such a critical event with many unforeseen ripple-effects on our ecosystems? 😦

    • The speed at which this is coming is frightening, and there are very few people up in Siberia measuring the staggering increase in methane leakage from the melting permafrost.

      Trump should be removed from office on this matter alone.

      • I agree … he’s most definitely a liability … but unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Most of the party, along with the “deplorables,” think his sh__ don’t stink. 🙂

      • Pence would be far, far worse. The best possible scenario, keep him embroiled until 2018, win back both houses and shut him down for the next 2 years till 2020.

      • You are right Robert. It damn sure wasn’t any gargantuan boat’s wake that cracked it and severed it, or some planetary catastrophic/extinction event! We would’ve noticed those — I hope! HAH! I am not being the least bit funny either. :/

        It isn’t f*cking rocket-science or Quantum Physics!!! It’s simple secondary school Earth Science!

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