Over the last half-billion years, scientists say there have been five mass extinction events on Earth in which a wide diversity of species on this planet suddenly died off. Now, there’s growing evidence that a sixth mass extinction is unfolding, according to scientists who track species around the globe. In a new study, researchers say the current mass extinction is even “more severe than perceived” and amounts to “biological annihilation” affecting thousands of species.

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11 thoughts on “Earth faces “biological annihilation” as species decline, scientists warn

  1. Yet another threat caused by human domination of the Earth and all that lives thereon. We build our empires on destruction and annihilation, with the false belief in our greatness, superiority, and separation from the rest of Mother Nature.

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  2. Then where is YOUR big happy family? HAH!

    In an alternative storyline for this scene, perhaps Manny the Wolly Mammoth answers,

    Well you little smarty-pants castoroide (giant beaver), if the humans were half as inquisitive and half as intelligent as all your questions, then my family would be everywhere, not extinct(?)! But humans don’t seem to care, are very ignorant, or are in COMPLETE denial of their footprints on this one and only Pale Blue Dot (planet) they have to not go extinct with all of us! Now, I ask you brilliant, curious little minds, WHO is the more advanced species!?” 😉

    Geezzz, I love that whole series of movies!!!

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  3. I noticed “poaching” as one of the (many) causes. Guess who’s guilty of that? (Hint: kids related to the leader of the free world).

    What’s disheartening is that most humans won’t even notice what’s happening (“hardly makes a blip on the public’s radar”) so they’ll just keep on doing what they’re doing. It’s the future generations … and the planet … that will suffer the consequences.

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    • True, but that future is not far away and getting closer every day as science learns more about climate change. It is evident now that the forecast models of the last 2-3 decades were very conservative and underestimated the impacts of ‘positive feedback loops’ which are accelerating the rate of global warming. By 2030, just over a decade from today, the world will begin experiencing food shortages. By 2050, much less than 1/2 of an average human lifespan, mass migrations will begin evacuating coastal regions and leaving ecologically damaged lands as well as regions devastated by military conflict. Children living today, not just those unborn generations, will suffer the consequences. This is no longer THEIR problem, it is OUR problem.


  4. One day we will reach a tipping point – we will have annihilated one species necessary for the functioning of the while or just overloaded the entire ecological systems – land and ocean – beyond their ability to recover.

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