The first known shipment of cooked chicken from China reached the United States last week, following a much-touted trade deal between the Trump administration and the Chinese government.

But consumer groups and former food-safety officials are warning that the chicken could pose a public health risk, arguing that China has made only minor progress in overhauling a food safety regime that produced melamine-laced infant formula and deadly dog biscuits.

Chicken from China will not be labeled, and a representative from Qingdao Nine-Alliance Group, the first exporter, did not specify the name brand it’s being sold under.

Continue reading:  Analysis | The dark side of Trump’s much-hyped China trade deal: It could literally make you sick


11 thoughts on “Analysis | The dark side of Trump’s much-hyped China trade deal: It could literally make you sick

  1. Massively mass-production 😉 and gargantuan hyper-manufacturing on such billion-trillion dollar scales that are humanly challenging to efficiently, safely, and wisely manage is perhaps one of “modern” civilization’s consequences of the 19th century’s Industrial Revolution. It’s all about the money/economy! Nothing else! 😦

    This certainly makes subsistence much more attractive, especially with a Gung-ho reckless streamlining White House administration and President. Yikes!

    Chicken salad anyone?

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  2. Whoops. Hit the enter key by accident. Was gonna’ say …

    Oh boy oh boy! A stupendous, magnificent, out-of-this-world “deal” made by our own orange narcissist … without, as usual, any forethought. Just do it! Because, well because, I’m President and you’re not.

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