LONDON (AP) — Spectacularly punished by voters who took away her majority in Parliament, a politically wounded but defiant Theresa May soldiered on Friday as Britain’s prime minister, resisting pressure to resign after the failure of a high-stakes election gamble that made the massive challenge of untangling Britain from the European Union only more complex and uncertain.


She insisted that she would stick to the Brexit timetable. But she was forced into an alliance with a small party in Northern Ireland just to stay in power.


The biggest winner was Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Labour’s increase in seats from 229 to 261 — with one seat still undecided — confounded expectations that his left-wing views made him electorally toxic.

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3 thoughts on “Wounded May vows to stay as UK PM; says Brexit will go on

  1. I’m no Conservative, but I felt for May because as with Thatcher whom I was no fan of but respected for being the first female PM, I felt the lynch mob were just waiting for her to ‘fall’ (12 seats) and sometimes I wonder, would they treat someone else thus? Or is this because she’s female? And if it isn’t, is the system broken that they can fall on someone and dismiss them as soon as they don’t do as expected? Shouldn’t they have more of a chance? Like in the US? Too soon they cut off their heads and replace them. Not sure this is the best way, but equally, the US isn’t either. Maybe that’s the truth, neither, nobody, not.


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