“This could be just the opportunity that China has been waiting for, the opportunity to take a global lead in a cause that almost the entire planet supports…”

The Secular Jurist recommends this superb and timely editorial as MUST READ. It adroitly brings together topics which are too frequently addressed in isolation – nationalism, climate change, geopolitics, macroeconomics, and history.

Stephen Liddell

It’s always been one of the themes of history that I have found most interesting; that moment when the primary power the world sees its position usurped.  History is replete with turning points where one massive power is surpassed by a rival.  The causes can be varied from natural disasters to simple economics.  As often as not wars are involved but rarely is suicide the reason but that could just be the case with the decision of President Trump to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Ever since China surged from a series of Five Year Plans and a number of economic reforms in the mid to late 20th Century, it was inevitable that China would eventually become the dominant global power at least for a time.  Has this week’s decision however brought this day ever closer?

It is hard to always make a judgement call as events unfold contrasted…

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9 thoughts on “Has Trump handed over American Hegemony? Poisoning the world – the new American dream.

  1. Excellent analysis by Stephen Liddell. Thanks for sharing, Robert. I would like to highlight the following excerpts from his article:

    “To keep the position of primacy, the United States should be maintaining the most important relationships around the world and address what the citizens of allies consider their most important problems such as economic growth and the environment but instead rather like a spoilt child who is unhappy how the sports game is turning out, they’ve taken their ball and gone home. Which is fine but it leaves everyone to get on with a new game and with their own rules…

    China has long viewed the possibility of a partnership with Europe as a balancing strategy against the United States. Now, with Mr. Trump questioning the basis of NATO, the Chinese are hoping that their partnership with Europe on the climate accord may allow that relationship to come to fruition faster than their grand strategy imagined.”

    Our Deal-maker-in-Chief has just allowed a great, big, beautiful deal fall through the cracks on the ground floor of the tower up for sale.

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  2. Liddell nailed it. By “suicide,” no less.

    Obama’s urgent TPP efforts may have been to avoid isolation as a nation on the wane, trying to forestall the inevitable. Possibly an attempt to counterbalance BRICS, the Silk Road, this One Belt One Road, or something. I never understood why Obama was going for the TPP the way he did, unless he knew stuff that had to remain unspoken.

    I shudder to imagine what Trump may sense, but if he has qualms about America’s waning power, it would be just like him to overreact and commit suicide. He couldn’t bear to sit still long enough to buy us time, much less even TRY to figure out a way to save the day.

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  3. Trump’s speech had overtones of the typical attempt politicians make to fool their base. In Trump’s case, this isn’t difficult. By speaking about renegotiating the treaty, his handlers kept the door open to future efforts at climate change mitigation. In this instance, however, the audience was much much larger than just Trump supporters. Macron’s speech may be the most representative response with its sarcasm aimed at Trump more than at the U. S. Let’s hope so.

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    • The rhetorical fooling of Trump’s rabid base certainly isn’t difficult; although, I question whether the man is even capable of such duplicity at this point. Trump is displaying behavior which suggests declining mental health; and, for a megalomaniac such as he, that typically means he actually believes what he says – à la Hitler during the latter half of WWII.


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