SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers approved a $400 billion-a-year program Thursday that would completely overhaul how Californians receive their health coverage by creating a single government-run, universal-care system for everyone in the state.


SB562, by Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens (Los Angeles County), now heads to the Assembly, where it’s expected to face tough opposition. A legislative analysis said that about $200 billion could be raised from a new 15 percent payroll tax, which would require a two-thirds vote from both houses. The other $200 billion could come from existing federal, state and local spending on health care. But the federal government would have to approve any changes to Medicaid funds for the program.

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10 thoughts on “Single-payer health care bill passes California Senate, heads to Assembly

  1. I’m aware that Vermont attempted a single payer health care system and abandoned it after a couple years, but I believe it’s too small a state to deal with businesses threatening to move out when taxes are increased. California has a larger economy than most countries as well as a certain allure as a high profile region and would have an easier time giving corporations the finger if they threatened to leave. I believe they have enough liberal voters, liberal-minded people with money and a reputation that would benefit from leading the way into the future (actually the present). 🙂

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