The White House budget proposal, due to be unveiled on Tuesday, would reduce spending on anti-poverty programs from food stamps to tax credits and welfare payments by $274 billion over a decade, largely by tightening eligibility for these programs, according to administration officials. With additional reforms on Medicaid and disability insurance, total safety net cuts would top $1 trillion over 10 years.

Making low-income Americans work to qualify for so-called welfare programs is a key theme of the budget. “If you are on food stamps and you are able bodied, we need you to go to work,” said budget director Mick Mulvaney during a White House briefing on Monday.

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16 thoughts on “Analysis | Trump to poor Americans: Get to work or lose your benefits

  1. F*CK the poor people has been the mantra of the Rethugs for as long as I can remember.

    If you don’t work (doesn’t matter the reasons why), you don’t get to exist. And if you happen to be poor and sick? Tough shit. It’s not their fault you weren’t born to wealthy parents. You should have “pulled yourself up by the bootstraps” and made something of yourself.

    *Makes me sick*

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  2. Here in my neighborhood the situation is getting desperate for more and more homeless, unemployed people. On Monday, I went to empty my garbage and found a man sleeping on the bare concrete in the fenced area. The manager of our apartment-complex said that he found a woman and her cat sleeping in our laundry room around six o’clock one morning.

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  3. Sounds like a script out of Mencken’s Man vs the Men. The poor, the sick, the infirm and the rest of you who are unable for whatever reason to be beneficiaries of the capitalist system, go die

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