By one estimate, 300,000 eligible voters in the state lacked valid photo IDs heading into the election; it is unknown how many people did not vote because they didn’t have proper identification. But it is not hard to find the dying woman whose license had expired or the recent graduate whose student ID was deficient — or Harris, who at 66 made her way to her polling place despite chronic lung disease and a torn ligament in her knee.

She had lost her driver’s license just before Election Day. Aware of the new law, she brought her Social Security and Medicare cards as well as a county-issued bus pass that displayed her photo.

Not good enough. She was turned away.

Continue reading:  In Wisconsin, ID law proved insurmountable for many voters

2 thoughts on “In Wisconsin, ID law proved insurmountable for many voters

  1. Heartless. Self-serving. If there were a voter fraud crisis, ok, crack down on having official picture ID.

    But the issue is ELECTION fraud. Crosscheck and other shenanigans, broken voting machines (Detroit), reduced number of voting stations (Phoenix), charging a fortune for an election audit (what Jill Stein faced), etc.

    With all this, and more going on (gerrymandering!), I don’t give a flying fig if Russia tried to influence the 2016 election – why shouldn’t they join the crowd?

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