By Robert A. Vella

To mentally healthy people, megalomaniacs appear intellectually inconsistent, hypocritical, and irrational.  They say and do things that defy logic, reason, and even reality.  The word crazy is often used to describe them, and appropriately so.  Megalomaniacs appear this way because anything that contradicts the thoughts currently running through their minds is immediately discounted as immaterial even if spoken or done previously by the megalomaniac himself.  Donald Trump is a classic example of this cognitive dissonance.

Yesterday, America’s megalomaniacal President cheered the passage of a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives which would effectively repeal the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), strip millions of low-income people from their heath insurance, and impose an unsustainable financial burden upon hospitals and medical service providers.  Shortly afterwards, he praised Australia’s government-funded universal healthcare system – even more encompassing than the ACA – in a meeting with that nation’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.  See:

Trump praises Australia’s universal health-care system: ‘You have better health care than we do’

In Rare Unity, Hospitals, Doctors and Insurers Criticize Health Bill

Senate GOP vows big changes for ObamaCare bill

In other medical news:

Anti-vaccine activists spark a state’s worst measles outbreak in decades


11 thoughts on “Cognitive dissonance: Trump cheers House healthcare repeal bill while praising Australia’s universal system

  1. These people are celebrating denying life saving medical care to poor children and they cloak themselves in Jesus? These are the biblical wolves in sheep’s clothing the bible warns us to beware of.

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