In a new BBC documentary, Hawking will test his theory that humankind must colonize another planet or perish in the next 100 years. The documentary Stephen Hawking: Expedition New Earth, will air this summer as part of BBC’s Tomorrow’s World season and will showcase that Hawking’s aspiration “isn’t as fantastical as it sounds,” according to BBC.

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11 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking: Humans have 100 years to find a new planet

  1. “While things look bleak, there is some hope, according to Hawking. Humans must set their sights on another planet or perish on Earth.”
    ~What an indictment for those of us who are fighting for a better world on Planet Earth! In other words, Hawking is telling us: Don’t waste your time and money, folks. Forget Earth. It’s a lost cause. Mars is our future. Best of luck for the chosen few.

    • Yes, and no. I believe he is telling us that the momentum of modern civilization – which put us in this predicament – probably won’t be turned around in time to avoid an existential crisis; but, I don’t believe he is telling us to give up and stop trying. Catastrophes can take many forms. It is in our own best interests to minimize the damage as much as possible. Earth’s human population will crash later this century, and its pretty clear that will happen. The question we can’t answer now is how far it will fall. If we give up, the worst is likely to occur.

  2. I’m following Rosaliene’s line of thought on this. “Mars is the future!” is an appropriately hopeful sentiment to use at any Christening or baby shower. Finally, a solution to an awkward situation!

    I’m sure cards of that nature will make a killing on Etsy. (If only it were still important to make money and plan for the future.)

    Of course, I’m kinda joking. (Still, no long-term savings bond inside the card, ok?)

    • Yes, I get it. Hawking’s message is beyond bleak; however, our survival instinct should not be underestimated. The passengers and crew of the Titanic still tried to save themselves even after all the lifeboats were gone and going into the icy-cold ocean meant certain death.

      What puzzles me, though, is why people would want to bring children into this most uncertain world of ours.

      • The 2016 election is indicative of that suicidal streak of insanity. An idiot, economic terrorist and avowed rapist is president while a compassionate, intelligent person like Bernie Sanders who dedicated most of his adult life to making things better for everyone couldn’t even win the nomination. Leonard Peltier is on death row and Steve Bannon dictates federal policy. The presidency is a popularity contest and apparently, today, the more arrogant and insane you are, the more likely you will win.

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