The Most Revolutionary Act

The Assassination of Robert Kennedy

Christopher Plumley (1992)

Film Review

This classic documentary from 1992 neatly summarizes a reasonably ironclad case that a second gunman, not Sirhan Sirhan, shot and killed Robert Kennedy in June 1968. It also reveals how the Los Angeles police (LAPD) systematically destroyed and suppressed evidence pointing to the true killer.

Filmmaker Christopher Plumley begins with the forensic and autopsy evidence. The latter shows clearly that the bullet killing Kennedy came from immediately (2-3 inches) behind, whereas Sirhan was in front of him. According to 76 eyewitnesses he was never closer than three feet to Kennedy. At the time if Sirhan’s, trial there were approximately 1,000 photos of the shooting, which the LAPD subsequently destroyed in a hospital incinerator.

Too Many Bullets

The “official” LAPD crime scene reconstruction shows eight bullets (Sirhan’s gun only held eight) hitting Kennedy three times and wounding five other victims. Both…

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6 thoughts on “The Robert Kennedy Assassination: Why the Official Story is a Fake

    • Every time a political assassination occurs, the ruling establishment rushes towards the “lone gunman” conclusion. The public must be made to believe that such heinous crimes are committed by deranged individuals or rogues from amongst the masses (i.e. not amongst the elite) in order to maintain the illusion of the ruling establishment’s ethical and intellectual superiority.

      However, history has shown that political assassinations are just as likely – or, more so – to have been perpetrated by a conspiracy from within the ruling establishment than by some impoverished crazy person. Vladimir Putin provides a current case-in-point.

      So, a more relevant question than “Who killed Kennedy?” is “Why was Kennedy killed?” – to which, this documentary provides a plausible answer.


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