The book contains no narrative or anecdotal accounts, just 371 pages of charts and graphs that slice and dice the geography and timing of the incidents and the various shapes that witnesses reported: flying circles, spheres, triangles, discs, ovals, cigars.


Many of the sightings turn out to be explainable, the authors say, but a small percentage defy resolution.

The authors are Cheryl Costa, 65, a former military technician and aerospace analyst, and her wife, Linda Miller Costa, 62, a librarian at Le Moyne College and a former librarian at the National Academy of Sciences, NASA and the Environmental Protection Agency.


“We’re doing scientific research,” Cheryl Costa said. “What’s crazy is not being willing to look at research.”

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8 thoughts on “People Are Seeing U.F.O.s Everywhere, and This Book Proves It

  1. Hmmm ….. I never know how to take things like this.
    At one stage when, I was younger, I was a Daniken Devotee.

    Ah, yes … those sky chariots in Isaiah, and Alien Spaceship Parking Bays in Peru!

    These days I tend to put such data and testimonies alongside religious icons that bleed tears and finding Jesus in my toast.

    But who knows, right?

    If only Skully and Mulder would come clean for once?


    • When conclusive evidence is lacking, it’s best to remain agnostic on any given issue. However, I see no equivalence between mythical religious claims of omnipotent gods and the idea of advanced extraterrestrials visiting Earth. The former are primitive superstitions which are only minimally possible, while the latter is circumstantially and scientifically plausible.

      I would question reactionary criticism of a project like this which has only one purpose – to simply collect the number, locations, and types of U.F.O sightings in the U.S. over a specific time period without offering any derived conclusions whatsoever. That is fundamentally what science is all about.

      Furthermore, people tend to equate the acronym “U.F.O.” with extraterrestrial aliens. That is inaccurate. U.F.O. means “unidentified flying object” and nothing more.

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