From Sept. 11 families sue Saudi Arabia over 9/11 attacks:

NEW YORK — Hundreds of relatives of those killed on Sept. 11 have sued Saudi Arabia, joining many others who have tried to hold the kingdom responsible for the attacks.

Like other recent actions, the lawsuit filed Monday capitalizes on last year’s decision by Congress to let victims sue Saudi Arabia. It seeks unspecified damages.

From Saudi Arabia’s Oil Supremacy Falters:

Saudi Arabia is losing its grip on big oil markets it once dominated amid a deep production cut that has reshaped global petroleum trade routes and benefited rivals like Iran, Russia and the U.S.


5 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia in the news: 9/11 Families file Lawsuit, and its Oil Dominance is Slipping

  1. This could get interesting. Welcome to the quagmire that is the Middle East, Comrade Orange. Now, let’s see how you play this “who-would-have-ever-thought-this-was-so-complicated” mess.

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