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Link: http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/European-Parliament-Approves-Massive-Undemocratic-Trade-Deal-20170215-0003.html

The controversial CETA trade deal between Canada and the EU revives a mechanism which allows corporations to sue governments for passing regulations.

Despite seven years of massive grassroots mobilization and a petition with over 3.5 million signatures, the European Parliament voted to approve the highly controversial Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada.

Over 700 activists surrounded the EU parliament building in Strasbourg, France, forcing a delay of the vote as parliament members had to be escorted past those protesting a trade deal which revives the controversial investor-state dispute settlement process which allows corporations to sue governments for passing any regulation perceived to reduce profits.

It was this provision, among others, which helped galvanize the successful opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and almost scuttled the CETA deal itself when the small Belgian region of Wallonia stalled on approving the deal back in October.


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