Do you know someone like this?  If so, please elaborate.

Exceedingly self-centered, self-indulgent, and self-righteously contemptuous of other people’s feelings especially those expressed in reaction to their behavior.  Emotionally volatile, and wholly dismissive of ideas or opinions which contradict their beliefs or which criticize their actions.  Harbors deep hostilities, developed from a lifetime of trauma, which are frequently directed as mean-spiritedness towards the people closest to them.  Prone to drug/alcohol abuse and unethical/illegal conduct.  Has great difficulty with intimacy and maintaining relationships.  Perceives the world subjectively, having little ability for objective thought or for self-reflection;  and, because of this, suffers from impaired judgment and memory loss.  Has an intransigent sense of morality, externally obtained, holding everyone accountable to it except themselves.  Exploitative, manipulative, and controlling.  Consumed with obvious internal conflicts.

28 thoughts on “Personality Profile: Do you know someone like this?

  1. Oh my, can it be that less than half of the voting population of the USA has elected into office as the ‘leader of the free world’ a person with a mental abberation ?!? Could it really be that our Donald is mentally unbalanced ?!? Can you imagine what that says about those who voted him in ?!?

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  2. I’d be glad to suggest, in very polite terms, how I perceive those who voted for him. Alas, I suspect my observations would be ‘preaching to the choir’ or would be heard by ‘them’ as totally deranged and FAKE NEWS.

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  3. “They” even think and plaster across the web, the notin that all our rallying and protest is financed and dictated by the High Poobahs of the LEFT WING DEMOCRATS. But let me tell you, the INDIVISIBLE gourp I ‘ve organized is grassroots not ASTROTURF!

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  4. It might be a surprise to ruling elites, but even paupers anticipate some kind of reward for their labors. When people keep putting out, always receiving much less in return, it’s like the world has tilted. That’s what crazy is–an upside-down world. We really need to start putting people before profit.

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  5. About that original post, reminds me of that popular quote attributed to Abe Lincoln, “You can fool all the people some of the time; some of the people all of the time but not all the people all the time.” Well those character attributes, I think all of us have some and some may have most of them. I do indirectly know of one character who seems determined to demonstrate he’s got all of them, biggly time.

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