Think the ideas behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership or the so-called “free trade” regime are buried? Sadly, no. Definitely, no. Some of the countries involved in negotiating the TPP seeking to find ways to resurrect it in some new form — but that isn’t the most distressing news. What’s worse is the TPP remains alive in a new form with even worse rules. Meet the Trade In Services Agreement, even more secret than the Trans-Pacific Partnership. And more dangerous.

The Trade In Services Agreement (TISA), currently being negotiated among 50 countries, if passed would prohibit regulations on the financial industry, eliminate laws to safeguard online or digital privacy, render illegal any “buy local” rules at any level of government, effectively dismantle any public advantages to be derived from state-owned enterprises and eliminate net neutrality.

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4 thoughts on “TPP is Not Dead: It’s Now Called the Trade In Services Agreement (TISA)

  1. Foregone conclusion. If Trump does anything “good” it’s only because he’s found a way to make it worse than it was. Brace yourselves, much worse to come until DT is deposed, or ends his tenure. By then what will it matter?

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