LOS ANGELES — Recent raids by U.S. immigration officials nabbed hundreds of individuals believed to be in the country illegally, spreading alarm among immigrant rights groups as they scrambled to gather information and warn people in communities nationwide.

Officials with the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents conducted so-called “targeted enforcement operations” focused on detaining people with criminal backgrounds living in cities across the country. Officials pushed back against the notion that the raids were anything but routine.

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8 thoughts on “Raids across the US leave immigrant communities and activists on high alert

  1. America turns: more police state actions, Security State or SchutzStaffel. For bloody decades America exported destabilization of legitimate states along with bloody coups and overthrows of democratic regimes called regime change, then installed violent US friendly dictators backed by the police state.. OK folks, the chickens are coming home to roost. Today: illegal aliens, tomorrow, anybody the authorities choose to suspect of unpatriotism, i.e., lack of respect for The Dictator. How far will this go? As far as it takes to destroy America as a democracy.

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    • Yes, I did see that movie. The 1973 CIA-backed coup in Chile was a direct , though clandestine, assault on democracy. Unfortunately, Trump’s Republican Party controls both houses of Congress; so, it’s hard to see how he could be impeached.

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