“[What information consumes is] the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.”

– Herbert Simon, Nobel winner, Economics (1978)

From:  Social Media Has Made Us Process Information as Fast as Our Primal Ancestors… Will It Save You?

“The short-attention-span issue is linked to the idea that social networking encourages the reward center of the brain to signal as it does with drug use, due to the instantly gratifying nature of these simulated interactions. Greenfield proclaims that the rapidly occurring interchanges present in these websites will accustom the brain to operate on these unrealistic timescales. As a result, when one finds that responses are not immediately forthcoming, Greenfield suggests that behaviors of Attention Deficit Disorder will become prevalent in adolescents, a diagnosis on the rise for years (Wintour, 2009).”

– Alyssa Deitchman, NYU Steinhardt Department of Applied Psychology

From:  Wait, what? On Social Network Use and Attention


3 thoughts on “Quotes of the Day: On our rapidly declining Attention Spans

  1. As a multitasker myself, I think this article makes a good point. Say 2 decades ago I would have never even thought of fast-forwarding parts of a movie I found boring, or dragging or self-evident, in order to get to the meat of the plot. Now I do this as a matter of fact. My “speed reading” has gone over the top also, skipping most descriptive narrative in order to follow the plot, or action. Problem: whereas in my youth I had one great book to read and enjoy for as long as possible, now my hard drive holds thousands of books, many from Project Gutenberg, but lots of other sources as well, and they’re screaming to be read. Solution? Speed read and hope I get the gist of it… then there’s those 150 to 250 WordPress emails a day while there’s still a “real” world and a “real” life demanding to be lived. No wonder there’s times I wish I were a cyborg! But quantity doesn’t equal quality…

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