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Peter Van Buren

I want to scare the hell out of you.

People talk of the Deep State, a kind of shorthand to refer to the entrenched parts of the government, particularly inside the military, intelligence, and security communities, who don’t come and go with election cycles. The information they hold, and their longevity, allows them to significantly influence, perhaps control, the big picture decisions that change the way America works on a global scale. Who the enemies are, where the power needs to be applied, which wars will start and what governments should fall.

One of the features of the Deep State is that it prefers to work behind the scenes, in the shadows if you like. The big name politicians are out front, smiling for the cameras, and the lesser pols have to tend to the day-to-day stuff of government. The Deep State doesn’t trouble itself with regulating…

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One thought on ““Our” Deep State

  1. I like the image… but this quote says it all: “I want to scare the hell out of you.”

    The “Deep State” – a scary name for what we simply called “the bureaucracy” in my days. The real government of any country is always the bureaucracy. Even in times of violent revolution, much of the bureaucracy remains to shape the “revolutionary” government and bring it back into the old pattern. Sometimes it takes awhile, but a bureaucracy doesn’t operate on the same timeline as voters. Under communism, for example, the same bureaucracy that supported the Czars went on supporting Lenin and Stalin and it brought down the USSR. Different heads at the top but underneath, same power structure.

    It’s tempting, of course, too tempting, to not separate the “bureaucracy” into two sectors: the run-of-the-mill elementary school teacher or water meter reader, and the “Shadow Government” or personification of Evil that controls the real power, whatever that means, but really, it’s just bureaucratic hierarchy. To dislodge and dis-empower the bureaucracy or in Hollywoodian terms, the Deep State or Shadow Government you would have to literally destroy civilization. (Something I heartily endorse as a very positive “one huge step for mankind” sort of thing.)


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