Amanda Taub was looking at her iPhone at 3 a.m. early this year — she was feeding her baby and just trying to stay awake. That’s when she stumbled on something that could explain what’s going on in our country. Taub, then a reporter for Vox, had found research about authoritarianism — not about political leaders who exhibit those traits, but rather about what triggers people to support them.

Her resulting article — The Rise of American Authoritarianism — detailed how economic, social, demographic and political trends have created a powerful force that could persist well past Donald Trump’s coming presidency.

Taub, now at The New York Times, spoke to us last week. Here are some highlights from our conversation.

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One thought on “What You Need to Know About Authoritarianism

  1. While some of what she goes on about may be relevant, it’s still looking under rocks. We KNOW why Donald Trump was chosen. People have been increasingly marginalized under successive administrations, Dems, Reps, all responsive only to the demands of corporate and banking forces. The nation was gutted to temporarily satisfy the predatory hunger of “the 1%” and there was real fear that the rest of the nation would continue to go the same way under Clinton. Trump offered straws to the drowning and crumbs to the starving. Clinton offered only more of what was already taking place. I don’t think “authoritarianism” has much to do with it, except maybe in the knee jerk Trump rhetoric of “kick them in the balls” heard at football games which a few mental defectives took seriously. Yes, there will be sad consequences for individual visible minorities but I don’t think Americans just elected Herr Hitler. This wasn’t a putsch, or even a revolt. How about leaving it at “the people” using their constitutional RIGHT to say by vote, “Let’s try something else, and looks like that’s all the “else” we’ve been given to try.”


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