The Contrary Perspective

twin-towers-2-trumpb. traven

The United States, in Tom Engelhardt’s words, has become “the most dangerous country on earth.” And it is not because of our incessant military adventures.

It has been simmering since before WW II, with right wing groups in this country who had favored Fascist Germany as a buttress against Socialism which they felt threatened their ruling supremacy. They viscerally resented the Democrat’s “New Deal” which enfranchised the poor and the working citizens over the interests of the very rich.  These same forces have been waging a low-visibility fight against the entire concept of a democracy that treats all of its citizens equally rather than favoring those in the commercial owning class.

Year-by-year they have been making gains in infiltrating, with money and personnel, both the Democratic and Republican Parties until both parties have, in essence, turned their backs on the 99% of citizenry in our country…

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2 thoughts on “How Did We Get Here?

  1. Interesting perspective. What are your thoughts? Do you agree?

    There have been so MANY stories related to the whole 9/11 event, it sometimes become difficult to choose from what might be truth and what is … or isn’t.

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