By Robert A. Vella

Hillary Clinton lost the swing state of North Carolina to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election by 3.7%, or by approximately 176,000 votes.  Yet, fellow Democrat Roy Cooper appears to have defeated incumbent Republican Pat McCrory in that state’s governor race by about 10,000 votes.  Furthermore, voter turnout in North Carolina neared 65%, some 7 points higher than the national average (high voter turnout generally favors Democrats).

It is acknowledged that Governor McCrory was a divisive figure, but no more so than the irreverent Mr. Trump.  If Hillary was the best candidate for the Democratic Party to nominate, as they continue to insist, then why did she perform so poorly in North Carolina?


17 thoughts on “North Carolina governor race shows why Hillary Clinton was such a poor presidential candidate

  1. No, the democrat insiders definitely didn’t want Bernie Sanders because they are card carrying members of the Capitalist Club. While the democrats aren’t as deeply infected with the Capitalist disease as the GOP, a majority of the party has been purchased by corporate executives. They didn’t want to lose their seats on the proverbial gravy train.

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