Further Afield

… and Hillary Clinton

The Washington elite were out-of-touch, the Democrats failed to communicate with ordinary voters, the party machine assumed she was the only possible contender for the nomination.

If I was asked for one word to sum up these deficiencies and explain why Hillary Clinton didn’t win the US presidential election, I would choose this one: smugness.

I think that’s why not enough people fancied voting for her.  They reckoned she was smug.

It’s quite an easy trap to fall into, smugness.  If you believe you are in the right, or you have done really well at something, you are going to be pleased with yourself.  It’s human nature.

In my case, when I’ve convinced myself that I’m right about something, I sometimes have that nice feeling of superiority over people who do not share my view.  So maybe I’m smug – but only about whatever it is…

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8 thoughts on “Smugness

  1. I think it is simply she did not have more wow factor. She is super smart. She is well versed on the needs and policies of the country. She understands how the laws are made and how things get done. Simply put she was shown to be the smartest candidate, the most prepared candidate. However she simply had no charisma. People don’t want the class nerd who gets all top grades, they wanted the class clown. Now we have to deal with what we got, and Mr. Trump will dance with those that brought him to the party. His people have already threatened two different news organisations. We will need to work hard to stop the loss of civility and dignity in our country. Hugs


      • Perhaps , but remember she did get the most votes, she won the popular vote . That shows that many of us were establishment people also. By disregarding us you are doing the very thing you claim she and by extension we, did. Hugs


        • Then you basically are saying to hell with me, and with anyone that disagrees with you on how the party should go? Is that really how you feel. I think more of you than to put you just as that. There are fractions in the party, some once said that controlling the party is like herding cats. Was it not Mark Twain who once said he belonged to no organized party , he was a democrat. We can have differences but we all get to work to where we want the party to go to. You ahve that right as do I. You want it to go in one direction , maybe I in another, but we both want progressive things, not regressive and ad at some point to get that we need to work together. BEcause of the tea party ( now calling itself the freedom caucus ) The house can’t function. Paul Ryan can’t get things the majority of the party want done. The last speaker finally gave up and quit rather than keep dealing with them. Is that what you want for the democrat party? Be well. Hugs


        • If the shoe fits, wear it. I don’t give a shit about the Democratic Party. They can go to hell for all I care. Not only are establishment Democrats not progressive, they don’t even understand the meaning of the word. Real progressivism in America is now just smoldering ashes of its former fire. Who put it out? Democrats did when the Clintons went neoliberal and bowed down to corporate interests. Who betrayed whom? Better get used to it, Scottie, conservatives won the war and the center-left coalition is breaking apart. Life is going to get much worse for us in the coming years, be prepared.


        • Robert I would just like to say that the conservatives won the battle, they have not yet won the war. That comes next to be seen. Be well. Hugs


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