Liberals are seething over the election and talking about launching a Tea Party-style revolt. They say it’s the only way to keep Washington Democrats connected to the grassroots and to avoid a repeat of the 2016 electoral disaster, which blindsided party elites.

Progressives believe the Democratic establishment is responsible for inflicting Donald Trump upon the nation, blaming a staid corporate wing of the party for nominating Hillary Clinton and ignoring the Working Class voters that propelled Trump to victory.


And there is talk among some progressives, like Bill Clinton’s former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, about splitting from the Democratic Party entirely if they don’t get the changes they seek.

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14 thoughts on “Seething liberals vow revolution in Democratic Party

  1. Whatever I personally think of Bernie Sanders, the Dems had him. They could have supported him, and with him, won the election hands down. You make your bed, you lie in it.


  2. I think I must be one of the elites. I am not wealthy, not politically connected, I am concerned about the environment, and I believe in climate change. Hoving said that I also WANTED hillary to win. I voted for her in the primaries. I would like to remind everyone who say that the Dem party lost touch with the people to remember that Hillary got a lot more votes than Bernie did. That shows the majority of the Dem people were like me, they wanted her. We did not win. However to say that the party was not represented over looks all of us in the party that voted for her. So maybe the ones not in touch with the party are those who think she shouldn’t have been the candidate even though she won the party vote. I would say in truth it is not the party that lost touch with the people, it was the people that lost touch with the party. It simply is not the party they wanted. But it is the Democrat party. Be well. Hugs


      • Sorry again we disagree. I look at the popular vote and it shows she won that. She and her message got more votes. Deal with it. Hugs


        • You deal with it. The ELECTORAL COLLEGE determines the winner of presidential elections in the U.S., not the POPULAR VOTE. Don’t you even understand the American political system? Good grief!


        • yes Robert I do, but that was not the drive of our conversation. You said the party lost touch with the people…and yet the party got the most votes. You seem very upset and if this conversation is upsetting you I will agree to suspend it? Be well, Hugs


        • If Democrats didn’t lose touch with the people, they would have won in a landslide against an idiot like Trump! Instead, they pissed off working class people, made the election close, and brought the Electoral College in play. How stupid!

          And yes, I am getting upset. I’m really tired of trying to explain basic political and sociological concepts to closed-minded people who are serving some agenda.


        • again you seem to keep going back to the Dems losing touch with the people…yet the popular vote disagrees with you. You claim you are tired of closed minded people…but you really are seeing this from one side only. There are other sides. If you don’t like it, and as you said to hell with the party, go form another one. What I would ask is this. I did not insult your vote, in the primaries nor in the election, even when I disagreed with it, yet you every comment insults mine? Is this the way forward? Be well. Hugs


        • I’m not going to form another party because for the umteenth time…


          If you feel insulted, so be it. I’m done.


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