If the winners write the history books, they also make the maps.

As after every Election Day, we’ll soon see a variety of maps showing how the race was decided. They’ll differ in sophistication and type, but they’ll all show the same thing: Who won.

Here is the opposite view. We’ve mapped the counties that supported the losing candidate in every presidential election since 1828.

The maps, stripped of party colors, trace the history of American politics from underneath it. Through them we can explore a geography of opposition, where the prevailing opinion was rejected, and where resentment was birthed or fostered. They locate the disgruntled and disaffected. They presage conflict and even civil war. Looking at these maps you can see the impact of historical trends: urbanization, party realignment, the emancipation of slaves and civil rights. You can see how red and blue states have rarely been that homogenous. You can even see how geological features created over millions of years ago still influence our politics today.

Take a tour of history through the lens of the losers.

Continue reading:  Lost Cause – Seeing America Through the Losing Candidates’ Map

4 thoughts on “Lost Cause – Seeing America Through the Losing Candidates’ Map

  1. Very interesting. Excellent post.

    I’ve been offline since the election. I’ve needed time to adjust to the reality that I live in a deeply racist country filled with many ignorant, scared people who are incredibly easy to manipulate by pushing buttons of fear, hate and frustration. It’s sickening to me that fear and hate are the emotions that pushed people to finally send a message to the rulers instead of solidarity with fellow citizens against a cruel, corrupt system. People are embracing the problem instead of evolving beyond fear. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve lived in a bubble and that I honestly don’t understand a large number of my fellow citizens.

    Sorry to ramble. Thanks for helping to educate the ignorant masses.

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    • Your reaction is perfectly understandable. We all live in “bubbles” to one extent or another. What I’ve tried to do with this blog is raise conscious awareness from the subjective to the objective regardless of how painful it might be. Reality isn’t always pleasant, and that’s why we build bubbles – to shield ourselves.

      However, the depressing state of America today is not a constant. Rather, it’s a sign of the times. When the country is prospering, latent hostilities like racism are minimized. When the country is suffering, such hostilities rise to the fore. Americans are people like everyone else. Stress brings out the worst in them.

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  2. I hear you. When times get rough people are more likely to lash out. Unfortunately, too many people have been so deeply indoctrinated and tamed in society that they lash out in the wrong direction. They obey the cleverly (and not so cleverly) hidden commands of the rulers and enable the control to continue.

    The campaign of Bernie Sanders showed so much promise that seeing what is virtually the opposite type of administration entrench itself is extremely disheartening.

    Thanks for all that you do.

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