(CNN)Two former officials linked to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s office were found guilty on all charges Friday in connection with the closure of lanes in 2013 on the George Washington Bridge in an apparent act of political retribution, the fallout for which has come to be known as Bridgegate.

Bridget Anne Kelly, the former deputy chief of staff to Christie, and Bill Baroni, the former deputy executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, both faced seven counts of various charges including conspiracy, fraud, and civil rights deprivation.

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10 thoughts on “Bridgegate case verdict: Former officials guilty on all counts

  1. I have been reading conflicting opinions on what may happen to or with the Gov. Chris Christie. Any thoughts? I would love to hear from anyone on this. I have a hope but that maybe just because I dislike Christie. Thanks. Hugs

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    • Prosecuting a high public official like a sitting governor is exceeding rare in the U.S. especially in this day and age. Such prosecutions will undoubtedly trigger counter-accusations of politicization, and the legal bar for proving intentional corruption is very high considering the skill of top politicians to utilize “plausible deniability” tactics.

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      • Sad. I agree. Do you think they can flip anyone to get a “smoking gun”. After all the republicans have faulted, claimed clinton is guilty on less evidence? Is it not hypocritical that they treat her one way and him another? Hugs

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        • Sure, it’s hypocritical; but, that is the nature of our politics. “Smoking gun” evidence is very difficult to obtain due to the “plausible deniability” tactics I alluded to earlier. High profile politicians rarely give explicit instructions to their operatives in cases of questionable legality. Those underlings are expected to have a tacit understanding of what they are expected to do.

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  2. To me the details of who did what don’t matter much. What I see is obvious political power corruption building itself up on corruption. This is the tip of the iceberg. Throw a couple of deserving creeps to the dogs, but protect the higher ones and keep the game going at all costs, for if the game (of political corruption) ends, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down and a world of lesser alpha dogs are going to come a howling for their long-awaited share of ankle blood.

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