NEW YORK: As the long-winding 2016 US Presidential elections nears its end, a poll found that an overwhelming majority of voters are “disgusted” by the state of American politics and see Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and her rival Donald Trump as dishonest and incapable of uniting the country after the elections.

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5 thoughts on “Voters disgusted by state of American politics: Poll

  1. I don’t understand why that would be so. After all, we are getting the kind of reality TV that even the greedy and amoral Hollywood producers would not be able to script. And reality TV is the favorite American pastime, isn’t it?

    Sarcasm aside, we, collectively speaking, really do not like what this election is revealing about ourselves. Because what we are witnessing — the overall primitivism and lack of values (thanks, Donnyboy) — has been pretty much the standard, and not just in politics, but in other areas of our, American (and not only), life. We just preferred to pretend it wasn’t like that — and not having it shown, and shoved in our faces daily, made it possible.

    Now we cannot pretend anymore. Which may be a good thing, in the long run. Or not. We’ll see.

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    • I’ve been spending some time lately at our local pub, and none of the patrons – I repeat, none – had anything positive to say about either candidate. I kept hearing comments like: “I’m voting for Mickey Mouse,” or “I’m voting for myself.” Everyone seems discouraged about this election.


  2. I always find it hilarious when voters being polled say that neither candidate is likely to “unite the nation” if elected. Every election, same trite comment, and in each case the “nation” is indeed more disunited than before, if one can actually, honestly claim that the United States were ever united. America’s presidents are puppets. Those who make it and refuse to dance are eliminated. That’s the game. The whole world knows who’s running the casino… into the ground: billionaire playboys and girls. That’s the reality. Vote for the crows picking in the garbage on the street: the results will be the same. If you had wanted a clear winner, you should have talked Kim Kardashian into the game. Landslide win in a bikini, or less.


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