LONDON — The British government’s plan for leaving the European Union was thrown into uncertainty on Thursday after the High Court ruled that Parliament must give its approval before the process can begin.

The court’s decision seemed likely to slow — but not halt — the British withdrawal from the bloc, a step approved by nearly 52 percent of voters in a June referendum.

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4 thoughts on “‘Brexit’ Will Require a Vote in Parliament, U.K. Court Rules

  1. I read this. Not sure how this will affect the vote to leave the E.U. After the vote when there was a demand for a revote, the political establishment said no, there would be no revote, it was decided, done and over. Now if the parliament doesn’t agree to separate, can the government move forward? It seems not. So after all the hand wringing and wanting the vote to go the other way, maybe Britain will stay in the E.U. afterall. The question is.. does the E.U. want them?

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    • I’ve expressed all along that Brexit is just one example in a long list of such examples which illustrate the far larger problem of populist angst being directed towards western social institutions in the 21st century (i.e. government, business, etc.). This sociological problem is much worse than officialdom would care to admit – at least publicly; and, it will only get worse with time as the complications of climate change escalates.


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