Hillary Clinton looks increasingly likely to win the White House, but her party faces a big obstacle to success in congressional races — Democrats are sorting themselves into geographic clusters where many of their votes have been rendered all but superfluous.

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  1. Someone once said that controlling democrats was like herding cats. As I am a cat owner I can tell you that cats will not do anything they do not want to. There is no argument you can give them no enticement. Cats will do what they want! If they want to do it for you they will gladly, if not there is not a thing you can do to get them to do it. I have heard it said that cats were once worshiped in Egypt, and they have never forgotten that. 🙂 Hugs

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        • From the article:

          This has long been a problem for the party, but it has grown worse in recent years. The clustering has economic and demographic roots, but also a basic cultural element: Democrats just don’t want to live where they’d need to live to turn more of the map blue.

          Americans’ tendency toward political self-segregation has been underway for a while now — it’s been eight years since Bill Bishop identified the dynamic in “The Big Sort.” This helps explain why red-blue maps of so many states consist of dark-blue islands in the cities surrounded by red exurbs and rural areas, a distribution that is also driven by urban concentrations of racial minorities and by the decades-long shift in allegiance from Democratic to Republican among working-class white voters.

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        • I have seen many things said and written that did not happen that way on election day. This from major elections and minor ones. I simply do not know do not know how this will turn out or what effect these things will have. Hugs


        • As I said I simply don’t know enough to say what I think will happen in the future. I can hope, I can speculate, I can even dream… But truth be told every time I have done that I have been wrong. Hugs

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