It’s often said that the U.S. has recovered more strongly from the last recession than most other developed nations. Data on jobs, though, suggest that’s not quite true.

One simple measure of labor market performance is the fraction of people in their prime working years (ages 25 to 54) who have a job. Focusing on this age group helps strip out the varying effects of aging populations and retirement trends in different countries.

In late 2007, before the recession started, the prime-age employment-to-population ratio in the U.S. was about the same as in other Group of Seven developed nations (which also include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the U.K.). The U.S., however, experienced a much larger decline during the recession, and remains much farther from undoing the damage. As of June, the G-7 as a whole had recovered almost completely, while the U.S. was only 60 percent back from its lowest point:

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5 thoughts on “The U.S. Job Recovery Is a Global Laggard

  1. What frustrates me, even when pointed out to them how well the US economy is doing and has come back compared to the world, the right refuses to accept it. Numbers don’t matter, facts don’t matter. Bill Maher on his show had a right wing guy who kept saying how bad things were under Obama, and every time Bill gave him facts and figures he blew it off. Even when he was told how much better it was than their candidate Mitt was saying he could do , the guy still wouldn’t accept the numbers or answer. I get so frustrated they won’t live in the real world, but insist on their own facts and views. Great post, thanks. Hugs


  2. By the way.. incase you thought I did not read the article, I understand your point. However the other things I read tell me we still are the economic engine driving the world and that our economy survived the whole downturn better than most. We also responded better. It would have been an even better rebound had the congress not been trying to play obstructionist and not let the sitting president have anything that could be a feather in his cap even if the country needed it. Be well. Hugs


      • Sorry I read into it something I had no right to do. My bad. I just get so tired of people saying how bad we are doing when on most indicators say we are getting out of the huge hole we were in. Again I saw something not there and I apologize to you. Be well hugs

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