Oklahoma’s highest court on Tuesday struck down a law imposing restrictions on abortion providers, including a requirement that they take samples of fetal tissue from patients younger than 14 and preserve them for state investigators.

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8 thoughts on “Oklahoma Supreme Court strikes down restrictive abortion law

  1. It is clear that they are using people’s natural feelings of wanting to protect children from abuse to enact other restrictions. However rather than bemoaning the striking down of the law, they could have passed a single issue crime bill that would have made the collection of tissue a requirement if a child under a certain age is presented pregnate. However that law would have to be narrowly constructed to insure protections under the law for the child, the abortion provider, and the proper chain of evidence procedures for the tissues gathered. One of the points of protection would have to be consensual boyfriend / girlfriend sexual encounters. While some would say a 14 year can not consent to sex I would say reason has to be used. Some young people will have sex. Always have and always will. It should be not be criminalized but the children should be taught how to make the right choices and how to protect themselves. Hugs

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