Illinois is now the second state to punish Wells Fargo for its phony accounts scandal. On Monday the state joined California in suspending investment activity with the bank for a year.


“I started noticing what I thought were honest mistakes. But then these honest mistakes, you know, became a very clear pattern,” Yesenia Guitron said.


Eventually, as her complaints continued, she says the manager of the branch in St. Helena came to her desk, told her she was fired, and escorted her out the door.

Continue reading:  Wells Fargo whistleblower says she flagged fraud years ago

6 thoughts on “Wells Fargo whistleblower says she flagged fraud years ago

  1. It seems to me the people at the lowest levels are paying the biggest price for something that upper management pushed people to do, had an idea it was happening and right up until it blew up on them allowed to happen. Yet upper levels of management are not being severely punished for this. Hugs

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  2. I watched the video and it’s well done. Good article. Let’s see what finally comes of that, and I ask myself, why wasn’t this done to the bankster shysters in 2008? Surely that theft and subsequent handing of free money to what amounts to little less than a group of gangsters is a bigger issue than Wells Fargo?

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