Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was removed from the bench Friday for defying the U.S. Supreme Court on gay marriage, the second time in his career.

Continue reading:  Alabama Judge Roy Moore was removed from the bench for not issuing gay marriage licenses

In other judicial news:  Appeals Court rules against Kansas in Voting Rights case


8 thoughts on “Alabama Judge Roy Moore was removed from the bench for not issuing gay marriage licenses

  1. When Matt Staver said “The rule of law should trump political agendas. Sadly, today that is not the case. What this decision tells us today is that Montgomery has a long way to go to weed out abuse of political power and restore the rule of law,” I notice he did not mention getting religion out of the law. They seem one sided here. They want their religion be in government and to have the force of law, but only theirs. They miss the point that he was charged with and convicted of doing the very thing they claim to be against. He abused his position of power to benefit religion. He was violating the very rule of law by his actions. Both men should be ashamed of themselves and go into seclusion for years. Hugs

  2. IS there a chance the people of Alabama will reelect him? Maybe he is a personification of what as a majority of them believe even if it is contrary to the law of the land. And what can be done to stop that from happening?

    • I assume he could be reelected because I didn’t read anything in the court rulings which would preclude it.

      What can be done to stop insane theocratic movements? All I can say is that big social problems like that require big solutions to correct.

  3. He can’t be reelected to the court as there is a mandatory cut off age. He will be over that age at the end of his current term. They do say he plans to run for governor. That is why it is far better he is only suspended, as in order to run he must resign. Which sort of ruins his whole “being thrown off the court for his faith”. His whole pitch to be governor is forcing his religion into law, but only his brand of faith. Hugs

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