The CEO of the EpiPen’s maker took a bipartisan beating on Capitol Hill on Wednesday as she attempted to defend the recent price hikes of the allergy shot.

Tensions erupted during the contentious two-hour hearing, as Mylan CEO Heather Bresch was repeatedly interrupted by visibly angry lawmakers.


Bresch, whose father is Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), found no friends on either side of the aisle, taking shots from every corner of the at-times packed hearing room.

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6 thoughts on “EpiPen maker’s CEO takes bipartisan beating

  1. I think this is more than noise. Simply put I am one of the many millions of people who need this medication and these pens. I have been hospitalized due to inadvertent ingestion of a food allergy. I have to take them with me when I go out to eat. I can not leave them in the car, it is a real pain . Also I am deadly allergic not only to food stuff, but to insect stings such as bees. I simply can’t take the chance, so this medication to me could be life or death. Yet the cost keeps going up. I should replace my pens now, but I find myself holding off, watching the “good” window on them because I can not afford the co-pay to buy new ones. I am at the point where I don’t understand why other countries can have single payer government health care and still get billions in dollars of aid from us ( talking israel and 38 billion in aid while they get single payer government health care) yet we can’t give that to our own people because we can’t afford it? says who? If we can wage unfunded wars, if we can pay defence contractors for tanks we don’t need and the military doesn’t want, we can give our people health care. We just need to insist on it, to fight for it. We need to call our congress people daily, we need to write letters, we need to be assholes until we get what we should have already. The thing keeping us for having it is the congress wants the insurance money more than they fear our voice. Hugs

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