When President Barack Obama unveiled the final version of his new overtime rule in May, which in December is set to double the salary threshold at which salaried workers qualify and provide millions more workers with access to overtime pay, there was a resounding cry of economic fear-mongering from the big business lobby and its reliable allies in the Republican Party.

But the strongest source of opposition is actually coming from the corporate wing of Obama’s own party. In July, Democratic Congressman Kurt Schrader of Oregon introduced legislation that would delay the full implementation of the higher salary threshold for three years. Schrader’s bill, dubbed the Overtime Reform and Enhancement Act, would also eliminate indexing the threshold, which the executive order stipulated would increase every three years in line with rising wages and inflation.

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2 thoughts on “Centrist Democrats Team Up with Corporate Lobby to Undermine Overtime Rule

  1. My feeling is everyone one who predicts a doom for something that doesn’t in fact end up causing said horrible doom, should then be required to issue a very public retraction and be made to support the other side they were originally against. I get tired of hearing people spout off about how raising the minimum wage will cause joblessness and ruin the economy, how universal health care will ruin health care, how to give LGBT+ people rights and respect will ruin marriage and destroy religion… just to name three of these. Other countries have shown all of these dooms wrong. Yet those who say it get to keep on spouting off like nothing they said was proven wrong. I think of the very same people who were so wrong on the wars of the Iraq still want to be taken as the best advisers of the middle east today. They were wrong, they should have to publicly say they were wrong and then either work for the side they were against or sit down and stay quiet. I am not talking taking away free speech rights and I am not talking general public. I am talking leaders both political and religious, officials of any sort, spokes persons for leading firms that weigh in, and also “think Tanks”. While I did not include news people here, I think those that work to push an agenda that turns out to be false should be required to acknowledge that. Sorry for the rant but the subject is infuriating to me. Thanks. Hugs

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