By Amy Goodman & Denis Moynihan

The Olympic torch in Rio de Janeiro has been extinguished, and the global spotlight has left Brazil. In the shadow of the games, an extraordinary event has taken place, largely ignored in the U.S. media: a coup d’etat against Brazil’s democratically elected president, Dilma Rousseff. Brazil is the fifth-most populous country in the world, with one of its largest economies. Like many Latin American nations, it suffered under a military dictatorship for decades, emerging as a young democracy only 30 years ago. This week’s coup was not carried out by the military, but by the Brazilian Senate. The effect is essentially the same: the president has been impeached, and an unpopular political opponent, Michel Temer, who represents that country’s wealthy elites, has assumed the presidency.

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10 thoughts on “In Post-Olympics Brazil, a Political Coup is No Game

  1. Oh it was not a coup. PT is the center of the largest corruption scandal in this country’s history, which is saying something, and Dilma was Chairman of Petrobras while the theft ($51 billion, and counting) was occuring. She also cooked the books before the election (for which she was impeached).

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  2. Superb article. Quote: “With all the challenges before them, the people of Brazil deserve a swift repudiation of this coup, by all governments, but most importantly by President Barack Obama and those presidential candidates who aspire to replace him.”

    Now that is naivety to the hilt. Obama opposing a pro-corporate, capitalist coup in Brazil while aiding and abetting what is essentially the same with Killary in the US? Gimme a break. Obama is up to his ass in pro-corporate agendas, from 2008 bailouts to murderous drone warfare against civilians to last-ditch efforts to foist the TPP on Americans before he can retire with his ill-gotten gains from Big Pharma and Monsatan whom he has represented with so much vigour during his entire reign of lies.

    You wouldn’t have to scratch more than skin deep to find the CIA totally complicit in the Brazilian coup. Every coup in Central and Latin America since the inception of the US has been done by the US. How blind does on have to be not to know this by now?

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