Gov. Jerry Brown marked a milestone for California’s climate change policies Wednesday even as he warned of more battles to come, saying opponents of new environmental regulations were “vanquished” as lawmakers approved tougher plans for cracking down on greenhouse gas emissions.


Left unresolved is the future of cap and trade, which requires companies to buy permits in order to release greenhouse gas emissions. Brown said new steps would be needed to safeguard the program, a crucial source of revenue for projects such as the bullet train from Los Angeles to San Francisco, from a years-long legal battle over whether it is an unconstitutional tax.

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2 thoughts on “Gov. Jerry Brown to sign sweeping new climate legislation

  1. I’m glad to see California working in the right direction, perhaps leading the way, but it’s still too little. It’s sad that environmental reforms must always hold back in order to coddle business interests. I have little sympathy for business right now — somewhere I learned that competent business leaders watch for trends and try to proactively address coming changes before they became problems that hurt their enterprise. Given the outrageous bonuses CEOs earn now days, that’s the least they could be doing.

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