LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Almost 60 percent of countries are at high risk of using slave labor in their supply chains, according to a new global index launched on Thursday, which also ranked North Korea as having the worst record of slave labor in the world.

By assessing incidents of human trafficking or slavery, national laws, and the quality of law enforcement across 198 countries, risk analytics company Verisk Maplecroft found that 115 countries were at high or extreme risk of using slaves.

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11 thoughts on “High risk of modern slavery in nearly 60 percent of countries, global index finds

  1. Slavery and human trafficking are as alive today as they ever were. Sex slaves are popular here amongst the rich, powerful and morally lacking. I’d bet work slaves are also common in many areas of the U.S. We live in a very sick world.

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  2. With so many such reports, so much “bad news” about wars, refugees, police brutality on the rise, posturing of the nuclear giants and etc., I’m stunned at how quickly now my older predictions of a coming dystopian global future are proving correct. I’d so much wanted them to be just a possible future, not the actual one. But so much around me pointed in that direction… I still can’t believe I’m alive to see this, I never wanted to see it.

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    • i.e. the Folly of Man. When visionaries such as yourself and others can forecast our obvious future, yet the powers-that-be remain oblivious to it, then there is little left for us to be hopeful about.


  3. There is this: Let me raise a glass to those who still hope, and still fight and to those who will carry that fight against impossible odds in the years hence. There will be survivors, and they will build the new future. Our enemies know from experience that the human species is not so easily extinguished, and I’m not referring only to earth, but to the universe. The statement, “We shall overcome” is still written and can still be put on a banner and waved above the tanks and assembled armoured forces when the time is right. It can still bring down the mighty, and it will says my long-term vision. In the unforgettable words of the intrepid ship, NSEA’s Protector, commander Peter Quincy Taggart: “Never give up, never surrender” (Galaxy Quest) 🙂

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  4. Yet people still speed home to eat toxic food, talk about celebrities, sit around on their lazy asses and watch corporate TV. And buy whatever crap they’re told they need regardless of who made it and who really paid for it. Day after day after day…

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      • Is “pathetic” the opposite of “empathetic”? If “we” were empathetic our subconscious would be forever reminding us of the source of both, our pleasures, and our troubles. The question is, considering the amount of information available, why do “we” remain such ignorant, brutish slaves of a morally bankrupt system? Why do we sit, or stand, and watch that system eroding all of our hard fought for values as human beings and now our very planet and still go along with the massive, exposed, obvious, stinking lie? I’ve asked myself those questions since I was old enough to ask them and now I have the answers but except for a few crazies like me, no one hears, or wants to. Reminds me of that song by Ed Ames, “Who will Answer?” I was a teen when I heard that song, and had become an atheist, so it wouldn’t be “god” who would answer – a rather obvious conclusion – but it took decades before I realized the only one who could answer was myself, and I thought answering meant changing my lifestyle. It meant much more: it meant dying to everything I thought was true and re-awakening to a whole new reality, one that would be built upon compassion. “You can fake love,” said my Teacher YLea, “but you can’t fake compassion. Compassion is not what you say, it’s what you do and what you become. That’s the only answer anyone needs to give herself, and the world.

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        • If everyone felt as empathetic and compassionate as you, this world would be a very different place.

          … why do “we” remain such ignorant, brutish slaves of a morally bankrupt system?

          Because so many of us are ignorant, brutish slaves of a morally bankrupt system; and, therein lays the problem.


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