The number of U.S. women who die during or soon after pregnancy may be higher than previously thought — and it’s on the rise, according to a new study.

Between 2000 and 2014, the nation’s maternal death rate rose by almost 27 percent, researchers found.

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4 thoughts on “U.S. death rate in pregnancy, childbirth raises “great concern”

  1. Inevitable. Rising poverty, less insurance, less health care and the Christian fundamentalist “Sharia law” type of political pressure against funding for legal abortions, or the criminalizing of women who seek abortions. Amerika is a recidivist nation, back to the Dark Ages, in leaps and bounds. Or if not that, then it’s leaders are using Orwell’s “1984” as their operations manual. Either way, freedom goes, state slavery is institutionalized, the marginalized die. Cause and effect.

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  2. How does the rise of Catholic hospital ownership factor into this, I wonder?

    Not only do women receive substandard care at these facilities, but they are also often forced to then get additional subsequent treatment at non-Catholic facilities to treat needless sequelae.

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