Meg Whitman, the Silicon Valley executive and prolific Republican fundraiser, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president last night.

In a Facebook post, she said Donald Trump’s “unsteady hand would endanger our prosperity and national security. His authoritarian character could threaten much more.”

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10 thoughts on “Silicon Valley Republican Meg Whitman endorses Clinton, calls Trump an ‘authoritarian’ threat to nation

    • I understand the fear and hatred of Trump. He is, unquestionably, a deranged and dangerous megalomaniac. However, this political coalescence between establishment Democrats and Republicans should give every American cause for concern. Assuming Trump is defeated, what happens after the election? Would this neoliberal establishment feel empowered to wrest even more wealth and power from the populace? With the focus on Trump, how many people are even considering that possibility?


        • That conspiracy is too far-fetched for me, but post-election overreach by the establishment is a very real concern that is being mightily overshadowed by the national furor surrounding Trump.


        • I was being facetious about the conspiracy. If Trump loses we’ll go back to same shit as usual. Republicans jumping the Trump ship don’t want their names associated with him. He’s damaging the Republican “brand.” Besides, I just got an email from the Sander’s camp and my support will always be behind what he was trying to do. Not that I believe it’ll matter. I’m a pessimist on our future, though one that’s still fighting for change-at least with my big mouth.

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        • I will, my friend. I depend on Social Security Disability to live. If that ends, so do I. I’ve NO patience for ANYTHING that doubts the importance of the money I’ve paid into S.S. for 38 years. Doubt that, and I say, fuck you. Republicans want to kill me. This shit is personal. No theories involved here. If conservatives run our country, I’m dead. I’ll take up a gun and fight for my right to live. Conservatives have NO clue as to how close we are to civil war. Fuck them. Fuck their money, and fuck their banks.

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