By Robert A. Vella

Democrats versus Republicans?  Forget that nonsense.  The fundamental dynamic of the 2016 presidential election has asserted itself following the national party conventions and it is profoundly establishment versus populism.  A growing list of high-profile Republicans are throwing their weight behind Democrat Hillary Clinton in order to defeat their own party’s candidate, Donald Trump (see:  Meet the big-name Republicans supporting Hillary Clinton).

Strange bedfellows?  Not really.  The leadership of both parties are committed to maintaining the current neoliberal economic status quo.  They disagree only on the margins.  Establishment Republicans want more deregulation, more aggressive policies that empower businesses over workers and consumers, and are more sympathetic to the idiosyncrasies of America’s white Christian majority.  Establishment Democrats want a corporatist regulatory state, minimum protections for workers and consumers, and are more sympathetic to ethnic and religious minorities.  On free trade, foreign policy, national security, and the use of military force, their positions are virtually identical.  On tax policy, social services, energy policy, and climate change mitigation, their positions are most divergent.  Both play the dirty money-in-politics game with equal relish despite any rhetoric to the contrary.

While understanding that these marginal differences are certainly important, progressives such as myself cannot avoid seeing the palpable irony of Republican support for Hillary.  We wonder if it is simply motivated by their fear of a megalomaniac like Trump in the White House, or if it is a realization that Hillary isn’t really so bad after all.  In either case, this kumbaya togetherness between the Democratic and Republican establishments makes us distrustful of both.

16 thoughts on “The list of Republicans supporting Hillary Clinton keeps growing

  1. I’m thinking the GOP should wholly disown Trump. Literally, pull the carpet. No money. No support. Nothing. They should cut him loose, citing, “Because we love our country,” and hand the elction to Clinton. It might even create a tsumani of goodwill between the parties.

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  2. The old paradigm of Democrats versus Republicans has been a sham for quite a while. You nailed it, Robert, with the issues on which they agree and those on which they differ. The puppet masters play on both teams. We saw it with Robert Rubin, Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner in the Bill Clinton administration. These guys are Capitalist Fundamentalists all the way – Federal Reserve, IMF, Goldman-Sachs, Kissinger Associates, Council on Foreign Relations, Citigroup, National Economic Council – you name it, they’ve played. And they’ve been part of the Obama administration, too. To them the D & the R are just letters in the alphabet.

    The division should be between politicians who support people and those who support corporate entities. Corporate media have done an amazing job of clouding the reason of the majority of the population by manipulating emotions. Clever use of language since the days of Edward Bernays has been crucial to the rulers ability to convince so many people to vote against their interests for so many years. And when enough people see the light and vote with their conscience, election fraud saves the day. Then, the gullible, obedient masses swallow the propaganda with tasty koolaid and go about their lives concerned with the latest technological advancement, blockbuster movie or dysfunctional TV show.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton will win the election. Trump was merely an entertaining sideshow (that got out of control) to scare liberals into voting for her instead of for the liberal who actually cares about people.

    We won’t become civilized until we shed our fear and ignorance and learn to walk in the light again.

    Thanks for an excellent post.

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