The rates of colon cancer are actually rising in younger people, according to a new study presented at the Digestive Disease Week conference.


Environmental factors can include pollutants in the air, chemicals in consumer products, stress levels, unhealthy diet, and decreased physical activity…

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Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  Hey young people, are you listening?  Here’s a little suggestion from a fellow American who has absolutely no qualifications as a medical or heathcare professional;  so, take this advice on your own accord:

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.  Learn how to cook.  Stop cramming junk food, fast food, and pre-processed commercial garbage into your stomach.  It’s your life that’s at stake.

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  1. Right. Here’s an idea for young folks — make your own popcorn instead of buying microwaveable. Cheaper, healthier, tastier. Organic popcorn kernels and coconut oil, a dash of salt — the best! Only takes a few minutes. TIP: A heavy-bottomed pan on the stove burner works beautifully.

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