An appeals court struck down North Carolina’s law for being designed to discriminate against blacks. It’s the third victory in a row for voting rights and sets up more wins before Nov. 8.

July may be the month that voter suppression died.

In the latest of a string of shocking judicial decisions, a federal appeals court Friday struck down North Carolina’s voting restrictions, some of the strictest in the nation. Today’s action comes after the normally conservative Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Texas’s Voter ID laws, and a federal district court placed an injunction against Wisconsin’s.

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3 thoughts on “Courts Crush Voter Suppression Just in Time for Election Day

  1. I was delighted (briefly) when I heard that, but then shortly after, I heard that our Gov. McCrory would appeal. The good news from NC is that Roy Cooper has a good chance of beating McCrory and bringing some sense to NC.

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    • That would be good news. Considering these latest federal court rulings citing discriminatory intent as political motivation for enacting voter suppression laws, and with the U.S. Supreme Court split 4-4, McCrory’s appeal looks to be a futile endeavor -at least for now.


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