The vote by the five commissioners clears the way for Telcordia, owned by Ericcson and based in New Jersey, to proceed with the challenging task of building a system that can track calls and text messages by nearly every phone number in North America while ensuring the data remains secure. The FCC’s decision was first reported by the New York Times.


The database is particularly important for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies that query the database every day, several million times a year, in the course of criminal and intelligence investigations to track which phone company provides service for a particular number.

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2 thoughts on “FCC selects Swedish firm to run sensitive national database routing phone calls

  1. I have three problems with this. First I am upset such a system , with such wide ranging collection of data and the open access to it of any and all law enforcement even exists is an insult to the idea of the land of the free. We have gone so far into a police state mentality in the name of security. Second the idea that with all the hacking attempts on all government computers , that this was given to a foreign company who had already shown a complete disregard for the security rules is stunning. They were forced to scrap what they had started with the unauthorised workers, including a worker from a government known to be spying and attempting to hack our computer networks, what is to stop them from simply using the same stuff over again and claiming they did start from scratch. Afterall if that is the way they thought was best at first, it seems natural that any thing new will follow the same design. Third what happened to having companies based in America come first and do the work with American labor and have the money stay here in this country? Everyone talks about investing in our own country, and buy American made, yet our government is outsourcing a sensitive project that affects the security and privacy of everyone. I wonder what other countries like Canada think of the US hiring a foreign firm to keep record of and track the phone calls of its people, which you know it will do as many calls from Canada go through US systems and many calls go back and forth between countries.

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