Wisconsin residents without photo identification can vote in November’s election if they sign an affidavit swearing to their identity, a federal judge ruled Tuesday, providing temporary clarity in a long-running dispute about voter identification.

In granting the preliminary injunction, Judge Lynn S. Adelman of the Federal District Court in Milwaukee said a “safety net is needed for those voters who cannot obtain qualifying ID with reasonable effort.”

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2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Residents Can Vote Without a Photo ID in November

  1. The goal seems to be to keep people who would vote democratic or against the republicans from voting. From voter ID laws to purging voter rolls. I remember here in Florida they tried to purge the voter rolls right before the election, too late for people to fight to verify their right to vote. The courts overturned the purge but by then that many election offices claimed that they had already destroyed the lists and therefore they could not just put people back on the rolls. So many people who did not know they had been knocked off the voter rolls got to the polling places to find out they couldn’t vote and it was too late to challenge it for that election, it would be another election before they got the right to vote back, after they proved who they were and reregistered. I find it weird that people who claim to love a democracy would want to keep people from voting in that very thing they claim they love. Hugs

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    • Republicans only love democracy when it serves their partisan interests. I remember that fiasco in Florida. One of their (now former) party officials publicly admitted that their efforts were intended to suppress the vote in minority communities. Other candid remarks from Republicans on voter id laws were recorded and published from Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Texas, and elsewhere. Their undemocratic motives are quite obvious.

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