Authorities have suspended or detained close to 35,000 soldiers, police, judges and civil servants since the coup bid, stirring tensions across the country of 80 million which borders Syria’s chaos and is a key Western ally against Islamic State.

On Tuesday, they shut down media outlets deemed to be supportive of the [exiled] cleric [Fethullah Gulen] and said 15,000 people had been fired from the education ministry, 492 from the Religious Affairs Directorate, 257 from the prime minister’s office and 100 intelligence officials. [clarification by The Secular Jurist]

The lira weakened to beyond 3 to the U.S. dollar after state broadcaster TRT said all university deans had been ordered to resign…

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5 thoughts on “Turkey widens post-coup purge, demands US hand over cleric

    • I wouldn’t be surprised. The man is Machiavellian in every sense of the word. The way he exploited democracy to implement theocracy was – quite frankly – strategically brilliant in a perverse sort of way.


  1. It seems that Erdogan is becoming a dictator. He was elected but over the years has shifted to wanting complete control instead of sharing it with anyone. That is how I see it all. Hugs

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