By Robert A. Vella

28 pages of the 2002 congressional inquiry into the 9/11 terrorist attacks have been kept secret all these years out of fear that releasing them to the public would harm vital U.S.-Saudi relations.  The implication being that officials inside the government of oil-rich Saudi Arabia had aided the perpetrators of the attack, led by al-Qaeda founder and fellow Saudi Arabian Osama bin Laden.

Americans naturally assumed that the accusations must be true;  otherwise, the 28 pages wouldn’t have been kept secret.  Year after year, the public pressure demanding its release mounted.  Year after year, the presidential administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama resisted.  Then yesterday, on a late Friday afternoon when the country wasn’t paying attention, in the turbulent wakes of escalating violence between police and minority communities, new terror attacks in France (Nice), and a military coup attempt in Turkey (a key U.S. ally), the 28 pages were finally released – redacted, of course.

The Obama Administration continues to play the same old political games that everybody hates and are rebelling against.  Stop the bullshit, nobody’s buying it anymore.  If you continue to withhold information from the public, they have every right to assume the worst.

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