A federal appeals court ruled Friday that the US Navy was wrongly allowed to use sonar in the nation’s oceans that could harm whales and other marine life.

The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision upholding approval granted in 2012 for the Navy to use low-frequency sonar for training, testing and routine operations.

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5 thoughts on “Federal appeals court rejects Navy sonar-use rules

  1. I love it. For once the animals wins over the military. Sadly the Navy knew of the adverse effect of the sonar on Marine life back when I was in , which was back in 1981. Now to see them being forced to respect the sea life they once harmed without care is a great feeling and a grand thing. I hope it holds. It is time our military has to be held accountable for the damage it can do to the life forms on our planet. Next maybe all of us can help the planet we live on and need so badly. Hugs

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