By Robert A. Vella

As evidenced by the recent tragedies in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and elsewhere, the gun-related violence breaking out between police officers and minority communities across America has escalated to unprecedented levels as expected by many observers including myself.  The situation has now grown out of control and is fast approaching a civil war-like crisis.  Our political leaders could have prevented this, but were instead impelled by self-serving special interests.  So be it.  We will all pay the price for their irresponsibility and incompetence.

Therefore, The Secular Jurist will no longer cover these stories in detail and on a daily basis until further notice.  We may post general commentary and specific coverage from time to time as new events unfold.

Thank you for your interest and understanding.

22 thoughts on “Editorial Notice: This blog is reducing its coverage of police-related violence

  1. I agree. Maybe a bit from a different perspective. Ron and I have been talking for months about a group using a protest to attack the police and doing what they could to start a riot. I was worried about a bomb. Ron called it right with guns. He has always been smarter than I am. Sad but this was predictable by anyone who thought this out. Home grown or internationally inspired, this was rife for the trouble that happened.

    Can I ask why not to cover it? I mean yes I understand those with agendas could fan this , but they can be countered with cool, thinking people like you! By not covering it you are giving them the ground, your retreating from the hill. Show the hypocrisy as only someone with your credentials have. We have just spent hours talking, and I both learned from it, was frustrated by it, and stammered through it. If I can learn so can others. They need to hear it. Who will share it with them if you don’t? many hugs

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  2. I agree with Scottie about the cool-thinking people like you, Robert. Your opinion is always appreciated. I understand your reluctance to report, however – news like this is so sensational. I watched the video that KIA included on his site; so horrifying. I am in Australia visiting family and when I spoke to a neighbour yesterday, the first thing she asked me was, “So, Canada must be expecting an influx of Americans in the Fall?” She, like so many others I speak to, are incredulous that tRump is a candidate for the Presidency. 😦
    So many Americans must be in despair about the state of things lately.

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  3. Understandable, Bob. I’ve been giving a lot of thought over the last couple of days about the neuroscience experiments, using brain-imaging scans, on people who were shown a face of a different race. Their right amygdala (fear, aggression, and disgust) became metabolically active—aroused, alert, and ready for action. This happened even when the faces were presented subliminally.

    However, when subjects were subtly bias beforehand to think of people as individuals rather than as members of a group, their amygdala did not become active. As Dr. Robert Sapolsky stated, we may be hardwired to get edgy around the “Other” but our views on who falls into that category is decidedly malleable.

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    • Victoria May I ask a question? What grouping is the first study of in your example. The reason I ask is my nightmares never include a different race, they involve different abilities than I have. ( to put it nicely ) so does that mean I don’t recognize race or my own race, or something else? I think that for the rest of your comment I must have been conditioned not to fear skin colors different than mine which is quite true as I worked with all colors in the military, I served under people of color, I was in charge of people of color, I was trained that a person’s skin color, their ethnic background was of no importance in the job. Before I was able to take charge of the shift at the satellite in Berlin I had to take a test showing I could deal equally with different types of people and ethnic groups. ( we did not use the word “Races” ) I had one young guy push me to the wall, he wouldn’t wear the uniform, he wouldn’t do the jobs assigned, he was insubordinate, he was a black kid, and he would come into the site and go over to the break room , take off his boots and loudly say he was not going to move. My response was to make out the assignments and every assignment he had I walked him through, every day, every night, for four long tiring weeks it went on, I made him do the tasks by walking with him to do them. Turns out I was the one on trail, I got a promotion, he was sent to another unit to pull the same trick. Just wondering? Hugs

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      • Hey Scottie, what do you mean by “what grouping”? It’s interesting that you bring up the fact that you were conditioned to not fear other races. Neither was I — an Air Force military brat who moved a lot. The reason I said it was interesting was that in other experiments, researchers tested those who had a lot of experience with people of different races, i.e., socializing, interracial marriages, etc., the amygdala didn’t activate either.

        Btw, when you were in the military, going through boot camp, did you have to go through any dehumanizing the “enemy” type programing?

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        • I was not part of it directly, at least I don’t think so. yes I reported to where I was to go and we followed commands and did the activities, but from what I heard later we were not as deeply into it as some groups were. I never felt threatened or in fear of my life like some of my friends told me happened to them. We were control groups I think? We found out later that our pilots were the first to crack… us in the satellite / intelligence field did rather well. but from what they said it was not something to tell our mothers. 🙂 how did you know to ask, you are the first to put that together in all my time online? Really you are the first to even know about to ask me. It was fun for me, even the part of being “stripped nude”, we took our own clothes off, and they yelled at us and made fun of us and stuff.. silly really when you were raped as a kid on and off, the weird thing to me , the upsetting thing I had to work against was the sounds… It / they kept wanting to trigger me..so that was my only problem. I passed well and got a service coin for it. Hugs

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