By Robert A. Vella

This is the face of corruption in America.  It is the reason why so many U.S. citizens of all ideological perspectives are rebelling against a status quo political establishment wholly owned by self-serving moneyed interests and the growing power of amoral corporate institutions.

Yesterday was quite a bizarre day in Congress.  Activists showered thousands of $1 bills onto the floor of the U.S. Senate to protest against bipartisan legislation presented as a national GMO (genetically modified organism) product labeling law, but which actually does the exact opposite – invalidate such laws enacted at the state level.  You see, our elected representatives in Congress – Democrats and Republicans alike – think we are stupid and are incapable of seeing what they’re really up to.  And, even if some of us do confront them with the truth, they’ll just deny it and continue to go about their dirty business as usual.  There was once a time in America when politicians feared an angry populace, but that time has long since passed into history.

From Roll CallProtesters Shower Dollar Bills on Senate:

Dollar bills rained onto the Senate floor Wednesday as protesters called on senators to reject a bill relating to labeling products with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

Alexis Baden-Mayer, political director ofthe Organic Consumers Association, and Adam Eidinger, a local activist and founder of “Occupy Monsanto,”dropped more than $2,000 worth of dollar bills onto the floor around 4 p.m. to raise attention about large corporations’ influence on the legislation.

“The Senate is being bribed,” they shouted. “This is not what democracy looks like.”

The pair, along with a third protester, were promptly escorted out of the Senate chamber by security.

“When Congress moves to crush the will of nine out of 10 Americans because they need companies like Monsanto to fund their campaigns, you know our democracy is in real trouble,” Bayden-Mayer said in a statement released before the incident. “The corporate lobbyists are totally corrupt.”

From the ConsumeristSenate Bill To Strike Down Vermont GMO Labels, Replace Them With Barcodes, Clears Hurdle:

The Vermont law requiring labels on many foods with genetically modified (GMO) or genetically engineered (GE) ingredients went into effect last week, but the move by the federal government to overturn that law and eventually replace the tiny text labels with barcodes has cleared a significant hurdle in the U.S. Senate.

Shortly before the Vermont law was set to kick in, Sen. Pat Roberts (KS) and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (MI) proposed legislation that seeks to outlaw the Vermont labels, prohibit and state or local governments from crafting their own rules, and set out guidelines for federal regulators to — at some point a few years down the road — create a nationwide GMO labeling system that would allow manufacturers to just give phone numbers, or print a barcode that links to a website address with more information.

The bill was fast-tracked, skipping over the usual process of being considered, heard, and marked up in a relevant committee.


In debate following the vote, Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon argued that agribusiness companies are pushing this legislation, counter to the desires of American voters.

“Nine out of ten americans, regardless of party, want a simple label on the package indicating ‘Does this product contain genetically modified ingredients?’” said Merkley, referencing a recent study by our colleagues at Consumer Reports.

“This law doesn’t actually require a label,” said Merkley, noting that the default “label” is actually a barcode with no indication of what information is obtainable from scanning the barcode. “Package after package in America already have barcodes. it doesn’t say that there are GMO ingredients in this package. it doesn’t say scan here for more on the GMO ingredients in this package. just scan me… all it does it take you to a website… This is not a label; it’s an obstacle course.”

America is no longer a democracy.  It is a corporatist plutocracy, and it is the best that money can buy.

6 thoughts on “Corruption at work in Congress as protesters shower money onto Senate floor against GMO bill

  1. The old brainwash has done such a good job that Americans still believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that they once did, or now do, live in a true democracy. They believe the mission statement, not their senses. It is said that the default position of the average Earthian is “DENIAL” and when things get confusing, or dangerous, they keep pressing the “Return all Settings to Default” button. Only problem is, they were always running on the default setting, so there’s no change to return to. “Make America Great Again” is a slogan, not reality. There never was any great American democracy – not ever. There was propaganda, and there was violence, world-wide, to promote that propaganda. The current state of corruption that delineates Washington policy making is simply business as usual. “Manifest Destiny.” “Speak softly but carry a big stick.” “He may be a bastard, but he’s our bastard.” (of American-backed bloody dictator Somoza). The chickens have come home to roost… it’s also called Karma.


  2. Actually, that statement “He may be a bastard…” was “He may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.” Yeah, that bothered me, so I looked it up. But it doesn’t change the intent.

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  3. I don’t understand why there is such push back on a label. I myself am not up on the science of GMO’s however I do like labels on my food and even non food stuff I buy. It helps me understand if I want to buy that product, if I can even have that product with my health needs, or if there is a company I prefer to favor over another. I am saying we add labels to things to the point I sometimes I can not even see the item I am trying to buy, but for the labels stuck all over it. So I favor labels even for GMO’s. What I don’t understand is why the GMO’s are fighting this, risking the bad publicity? Why bring more scrutiny to the fact that GMO’s are in our food if you think people won’t buy them? I am a bit confused. Sorry. Hugs


    • It’s very simple. Monsanto, and other large agribusiness concerns, have their reasons which the public is not necessarily informed of. They also have a lot of money to buy-off politicians to do their bidding. What else is there to understand?

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      • What puzzles me is that if all the label was to say was here maybe gmo’s…most people would have simply ignored them. By fighting this hard to stop them, all the press and all the stuff coming out is making much more notice than the label would have. That is what confuses me. Why cause this fuss if they had less to fear? As for eating GMO’s, some people really care and wouldn’t ever do it, some would go either way and some won’t care. I personally don’t know anything about them so I have no clue as to if I would eat them or not. Hugs


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